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Ubisoft presents the RC Coon Mobile, Cartman’s Coon-themed big wheel. This collectible is app-enabled, allowing it to turn freely, spin in place and move forward or backwards. The Coon’s personality comes to life with lines from the game!!

  • Controlled with free smartphone app (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth.
  • Moves in eight directions.
  • Library of 12 pre-recorded lines voiced by The Coon.
  • Made of high-quality rotocasted vinyl, PVC and ABS plastic.
  • Height: 15,5 cm
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Ubicollectibles presents its latest creation with the darkest super hero from the South Park universe: Mysterion the super hero alter-ego of Kenny. This 6’’ Mysterion pose is exclusive to this figurine.

  • Height: 18,8 cm
  • A bobble spring question mark on his head
  • A dynamic cape darker than the darkest of super heroes!
  • An iconic pose of Mysterion standing in the wind at night
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