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    Heroes collection Antón Castillo Bronze


    Heroes collection Antón Castillo Bronze, , large

    Heroes collection Antón Castillo Bronze




    Key Features :

    • Ubisoft Store Exclusive
    • Chibi figure, inspired from Antón in Far Cry 6
    • Height: 10 cm / 4"
    • Materials: PVC and ABS




    Product Actions

    A$22.45 A$24.95
    Only 6 units left!
    Ubisoft Store advantages:
    • Earn up to 22
    • Exclusive and limited editions
    • Secure payment
    • Summary

      Summary for Ubisoft Heroes collection - Antón Castillo Bronze

      Character description

      Antón is the leader of Yara and a ruthless dictator. Played by the incomparable Giancarlo Esposito, Antón rose to power on the promise of restoring his once-prosperous island nation back to its former glory, and plans to forge his vision of paradise by any means necessary. Antón has the future of Yara clenched tightly in his hands.

      Figurine description

      Ubicollectibles is celebrating all the characters from your favourite games with the Ubisoft Heroes !
      Antón Castillo enters the Collection!
      Get this chibi figurine directly inspired by the President and leader of Yara in Far Cry 6.
      This figurine represents the Dictator of Yara, Antón Castillo. Determined and animated by his own twisted logic, he wants to restore his country to its former glory and give his son Diego the future he was himself denied.

      Shao Jun
      Shao Jun
      Aiden Pearce
      Aiden Pearce
      Rabbid Ezio
      Rabbid Ezio
      Antón Castillo
      Antón Castillo
      Read more
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