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    Six Collection - Ash Chibi Figurine


    Six Collection - Ash Chibi Figurine, , large

    Six Collection - Ash Chibi Figurine

    Released on 07/31/2017



    Product Details :

    • Highly-detailed figurine – inspired by Ash in Rainbow Six Siege game

    • Heigh : 4”/ 10.16 cm

    • Material : Vinyl

    • Includes an exclusive in-game content

    • Ash is part of the Six Collection figurines. Discover the complete collection.



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    • Summary


      Description :

      “When I was little, my savta taught me that "Silence was a women's best garment. But, I have to admit, I never really took her advice to heart.”

      Eliza “Ash” Cohen is an Attacking Operator, specialized in demolition. Thanks to her Remote Breach, she can destroy everything in order to surprise the opponents. Fast and accurate, she’s particularly efficient in aggressive gameplay sequence and can spread chaos in the enemy territory.

      Ubi Workshop created just for you, the official Six Collection– Ash Chibi, similar to the charms hanged on the operator’s weapons. Highly-detailed, the Six Collection Chibis are unique collector’s items.

      In addition, by purchasing this figurine, you will receive a unique code to unlock exclusive content in Rainbow Six Siege game.

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