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Far Cry 5 goes to Hope County, Montana! This once-peaceful region is now home to a fanatical doomsday Cult known as the The Project at Eden’s Gate. Joseph Seed, its charismatic leader, and his cold-hearted siblings take control of Hope County by force, oppressing its residents & reaping the lands to prepare for the Collapse – the end of humanity as we know it. As the sheriff’s deputy, you have to take arms & liberate your besieged community. For the first time in a Far Cry game, fully customize your character and explore the American wilderness. Engage in thrilling car chases and epic gun battles, and discover this new scenario full of surprises. Book your trip to Hope County with Far Cry 5 Xbox One, PS4 or PC edition. Discover Far Cry 5 Gold Edition which directly includes the season pass or choose Far Cry 5 HOPE COUNTY Edition and get a 45 cm skull trophy, the game’s gold edition, and many more items.


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  • Mondo Steelbook
  • Box

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Hope County collector's case

Digital content

Season pass

Additional stories, content & gear

Deluxe pack

Big game hunter pack

Ace pilot pack

  • premium collector box

  • Gold edition

  • Exclusive steelbook

  • Hope County deer skull trophy

  • Hope County map

  • Original soundtrack

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Open world multiplayer

The fate of Hope County is in your hands. Take on the cult solo or team up with a fellow resister in co-op mode and wreak havoc upon Joseph Seed and his band of cult followers. In the biggest Far Cry release ever, you'll have everything at your disposal – from hired guns to hired fangs and the baddest arsenal this side of the Mississippi.

Liberate Hope County With A Friend in Far Cry 5's Co-Op

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StandardEdition DeluxeEdition GoldEdition The FatherEdition EditionMondo Hope CountyCollector's case
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Far Cry 5 Far Cry 5 Far Cry 5 Far Cry 5 Far Cry 5 Far Cry 5
Digital deluxe pack Digital deluxe pack Digital deluxe pack Digital deluxe pack
Season pass Season pass
Soundtrack (Physical content) Soundtrack (Physical content) Soundtrack (Physical content)
Map (Physical content) Map (Physical content)
Steelbook (Physical content) Steelbook (Physical content) Steelbook (Physical content)
The Father figurine (30cm) (Physical content) Deer skull in resin (45cm) (Physical content)

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