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Play Far Cry 6, and new releases on day one with our gaming subscription. Enjoy 100+ games on PC or select titles across your devices from the cloud.

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What is Ubisoft+?

New releases and 100+ PC games

Play new titles the day they release and get access to our growing catalog

Premium1 editions

Get access to expansions, season passes, and more content

Monthly rewards

Every month, get new customization items, boosters, and in-game rewards

Cancel and come back anytime

Easily jump back in your subscription whenever you want

100+ games including new releases and premium1 editions

Play our upcoming releases on day one.
Get access to a complete experience in our games with Deluxe, Gold, or Ultimate editions.

New Ubisoft releases

Assassin's Creed Valhalla key art
R6E key art
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Assassin's Creed Odyssey key art

Season passes and expansions

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For Honor key art
Watch Dogs Legion key art
Splinter Cell Blacklist key art

and much more...

Dive into our worlds with more than 100+ games

Far Cry 6
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Subscription service | Cancel anytime

We're sorry but you may not access this content due to age gate.

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Frequently asked questions

Is UPLAY+ now Ubisoft+?

Yes. Ubisoft’s subscription service UPLAY+ rebranded to Ubisoft+ and kept all the great benefits you love. With Ubisoft+, play new Ubisoft titles, over 100 games, and more.

What games and in-game content will I have access to with the Ubisoft+ subscription?

Subscribing to Ubisoft+ will give you access to Ubisoft’s growing catalog of 100+ games, including new releases. Ubisoft+ includes additional content such as expansions and season passes.

What happens if I unsubscribe?

As a subscriber, you have access to more than 100 games. If you unsubscribe, the games will become unavailable unless you already owned them, buy them, or subscribe to Ubisoft+ again in the future. You will keep access to every purchase you make (whether you bought a game on the Ubisoft Store or items in-game) even if you unsubscribe.

How can I cancel my Ubisoft+ subscription?

You can cancel at any time in your account settings. Your subscription will remain active until the very last day of the current month you paid for. After this, the subscription will be cancelled and will not renew itself.

Will my save files be affected if I decide to unsubscribe or change my game version?

If you already own the Standard Edition of a game, playing the Edition available on Ubisoft+ may affect your save files for some games. See the list of concerned games in our FAQ.